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No Filter Required....

We know that having your eyebrows and lashes looking perfect at all times makes you look and more importantly feel great.  At My Core Beauty, we can guide you through various eyebrow shaping treatments and create a shape that really compliment your features.  Whether it is Threading or Waxing you prefer, an Eyebrow Tint really helps bring your brows to life. 

We also have a range of Eyelash Treatments available to suit your look and lifestyle, from a natural look that saves the daily mascara routine, or a full on volume affair, we are happy to have a consultation and go through before and after care advice so you can achieve your perfect look and maintain it effortlessly. 

Eyelash Extensions & Lifts Explained

Classic - Classic Eyelash Extensions, also known as the mascara look are achieved by applying a single lash extension to each of your natural eyelashes, making them look longer and thicker and defining your eyelash curl. Classics are recommended for those who have naturally thick and full eyelashes. 

Hybrid - Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a mixture of Classic & Volume Extensions and are ideal for those who want a natural look with a little extra volume. The volume lashes can also fill in spaces where you may have gaps in your own natural eyelashes. 

Russian Volume - Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are achieved by applying a hand made fan of individual lashes, usually 2-6 lashes per fan to each individual eyelash. The lashes are very light weight so the weight of each fan is equal to or lighter than the single Classic Extensions. This is a great option for those with thin or sparse eyelashes.

Maintenance of Eyelash Extensions - All Infills should be booked within 2 weeks of the full set being done so a freshly done look can be maintained. Any appointments after 3 weeks will require a full lash removal and a new set. 

Lash Lift & Tint - This is an incredibly effective semi permanent treatment which is great as an alternative to Eyelash Extensions requiring very little maintenance and lasting up to 8 weeks. Your eyelashes will appear longer, lifted, more defined and have a beautiful curl.

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