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Massage and Exfoliation, Relaxation Central....

The physical and mental benefits of massage are endless and often overlooked. We promote beauty starting from your core and massage is a big part of inner well-being. Whether you want a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage using your favourite essential oils, a Hot Oil Indian Head Massage based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda or a Reflexology Massage focusing on different pressure points, we promise to make you feel brand new. 

Massage is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety whilst boosting your mood, improving circulation, relieving muscle tension, improving sleep and eliminating toxins in your body. All of our treatments include a hot towel cleanse for that extra touch of luxury. 

The benefits of Body Exfoliation - Regular body exfoliation is often a forgotten part of our wellness routine but is an essential part of maintaining healthy, radiant looking skin.  As with our face, our skin cells on our body shed to reveal healthier skin. This process slows down with age, so using a body scrub frequently optimises skin renewal and hydration and the rubbing action helps circulation improving the blood flow to your skins surface.  The removal of dead skin also allows your skin to better absorb oils and lotions making your daily moisturising much more effective. 

Besides all the physical benefits, the scented oils and feeling of total relaxation make this an amazing treat.

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