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We never compromise on your skin health...

We know that waxing is a regular part of life for many women and men and that is why we use the best wax products scientifically created with your skin health in mind. We understand the importance of pre, and post wax procedures designed to optimise your waxing experience and leave your skin feeling cool, calm and silky smooth. Thanks to safe heat technology, all our waxes can be used at the same temperature as regular hot waxes which allows for a thinner application, opening pores, freeing the hairs and a much more comfortable treatment. None of the ingredients in our wax products are tested on animals nor do any of the products contain colourants or parabens.


Facial Wax - Our advanced liposoluble hybrid wax with the addition of titanium and zinc oxide dioxide results in a soft creamy texture ensuring the velvety stripping away of unwanted hair whilst reducing redness and nourishing the skin making it ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skin types.

Body Wax - Our body wax combines pure Moroccan Argan and Jojoba to protect and hydrate leaving your skin revitalised whilst removing the shortest and most coarse hairs.

Hot Wax - Our odourless, fast drying, flexible hot wax leaves no residue and is ideal for your face, under-arms, bikini and other intimate areas.

Pre & Post Wax - Our pre cleanse wax product is the first sanitiser and exfoliant that dissolves dead skin cells, eliminates surface oils and debris. By cleansing in this way, you are also eradicating any chance of cross contamination enabling a hygienic and safe treatment and reducing the chances of surface bacteria entering the skin and causing infections to the follicles.

Our naturally scented hydrating and healing lotion with Calendula, Aloe Vera and Horse Chestnut hydrates the skin and its first aid qualities including helping the reduction of sunburn and eczema makes it ideal for all skin types.

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